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Ford Escape 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Parking Aids / Parking Aids – Troubleshooting

Ford Escape: Parking Aids / Parking Aids – Troubleshooting

Parking Aids – Information Messages

If a fault is present in the parking aids, a warning message appears in the instrument cluster or the information and entertainment display.

Ford Escape. Parking Aids – Troubleshooting


    Parking Aid Indicators

    The system provides object distance indication through the information and entertainment display. As the distance to the object decreases, the indicator waves and the lines move toward the vehicle icon...

    Rear View Camera

    What Is the Rear View Camera The rear view camera provides a video image of the area behind your vehicle when the transmission is in reverse (R). Rear View Camera Precautions WARNING: The rear view camera system is a reverse aid supplement device that still requires the driver to use it in conjunction with the interior and exterior mirrors for maximum coverage...

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    Push Button Ignition Switch

    Ford Escape. Push Button Ignition Switch

    Switching the Ignition Off

    When the ignition is on or in accessory mode, press the push button ignition switch once without your foot on the brake pedal.

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