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Ford Escape 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Security / Anti-Theft Alarm System Settings

Ford Escape: Security / Anti-Theft Alarm System Settings

What are the Alarm Security Levels

You can select two levels of alarm security, all sensors and perimeter sensing.

All Sensors

All sensors is the standard setting.

In all sensors, all equipped sensors are on when you arm the alarm.

Note: Do not arm the alarm with all sensors if passengers, animals or other moving objects are inside your vehicle.

Perimeter Sensing

In perimeter sensing, the interior sensors are off when you arm the alarm.

All the other equipped sensors activate when you arm the alarm in this mode.

Setting the Alarm Security Level

  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  2. Press Vehicle Settings.
  3. Press Alarm System.
  4. Press Motion Sensors.
  5. Press a setting.

What Is Ask on Exit

You can choose which level of security you require after you switch the ignition off.

Note: If you do not choose a setting, the system defaults to all sensors.

Switching Ask on Exit On and Off

  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  2. Press Vehicle Settings.
  3. Press Alarm System.
  4. Switch Ask on Exit on or off.

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