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Ford Escape: SYNC™ Applications and Services / SYNC Mobile Apps

The system enables voice and steering wheel control of SYNC AppLink enabled smartphone apps. When an app is running through AppLink, you can control main features of the app through voice commands and steering wheel controls.

Note: You must pair and connect your smartphone to SYNC to access AppLink.

Note: Android users need to connect the phone to SYNC using Bluetooth.

Note: For information on available apps, supported smartphone devices and troubleshooting tips please visit the Ford website.

Note: Availability of SYNC AppLink enabled Apps will vary by region.

Note: Make sure you have an active account for the app that you have downloaded. Some apps work automatically with no setup. Other apps want you to configure your personal settings and personalize your experience by creating stations or favorites. We recommend you do this at home or outside of your vehicle.

To Access Using the SYNC Menu

Press the Mobile Apps button to access the menu on-screen. Then select:

Ford Escape. SYNC Mobile Apps

Note: If you cannot find a compatible SYNC AppLink app, make sure the required app is running on the mobile device.

To Access Using Voice Commands

Press the voice button, then when prompted say:

Ford Escape. SYNC Mobile Apps

App Permissions

App permissions are organized by groups. You can grant these group permissions individually. You can change a permission group status any time when not driving, by using the settings menu.

When you launch an app using SYNC, the system may ask you to grant certain permissions, for example:

  • To allow your vehicle to provide vehicle information to the app such as, but not limited to: Fuel level, fuel economy, fuel consumption, engine speed, rain sensor, odometer, VIN, external temperature, gear position, tire pressure, and head lamp status.
  • To allow your vehicle to provide driving characteristic information such as, but not limited to: MyKey, seatbelt status, engine revolutions per minute, gear position, braking events, steering wheel angle, and accelerator pedal position.
  • To allow your vehicle to provide location information, including: GPS and speed.
  • To allow the app to send push notifications using the vehicle display and voice capabilities while running in a background state. Push notifications may be particularly useful for news or location based apps.

Note: You only need to grant permissions the first time you use an app with SYNC.

Note: Ford is not responsible or liable for any damages or loss of privacy relating to usage of an app, or dissemination of any vehicle data that you approve Ford to provide to an app.

Enabling SYNC Mobile Apps

In order to enable mobile apps, SYNC requires user consent to send and receive app authorization information and updates using the data plan associated with the connected device.

Data is sent to Ford in the United States through the connected device. The information is encrypted and includes, for example, the vehicle identification number of your vehicle, the SYNC module serial number, odometer, enabled apps, usage statistics and debugging information. Updates may take place.

Note: You must enable mobile apps for each connected device the first time you select a mobile app using the system.

Note: Standard data rates apply. Ford is not responsible for any additional charges you may receive from your service provider, when your vehicle sends or receives data through the connected device. This includes any additional charges incurred due to driving in areas when roaming out of a home network.

    911 Assist

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