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Ford Escape 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Crash and Breakdown Information / High Voltage Battery Vehicle Precautions - Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

Ford Escape: Crash and Breakdown Information / High Voltage Battery Vehicle Precautions - Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

In the event of damage or fire involving an electric vehicle or hybrid-electric vehicle:

  • Assume the high-voltage battery and associated components are energized and fully charged.
  • Exposed electrical components, wires and high-voltage batteries present potential high-voltage shock hazards.
  • Venting high-voltage battery vapors are potentially toxic and flammable.
  • Physical damage to the vehicle or high-voltage battery could result in immediate or delayed release of toxic, flammable gases and fire.

Vehicle information and general safety practices include reviewing the owner's manual and becoming familiar with your vehicle's safety information and recommended safety practices.


A crash or impact significant enough to require an emergency response for conventional vehicles would also require the same response for an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle.

If Possible:

  1. Move your vehicle to a safe, nearby location and remain on the scene.
  2. Roll down the windows before you switch your vehicle off.
  3. Place your vehicle in park (P), set the parking brake, switch off the vehicle, activate the hazard flashers and move your key(s) at least 16 ft (5 m) away from the vehicle.


  • Call emergency assistance if needed and advise that an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle is involved.
  • Avoid contact with leaking fluids and gases, and remain out of the way of oncoming traffic until emergency responders arrive.
  • When emergency responders arrive, tell them that the vehicle involved is an electric vehicle or hybrid-electric vehicle.


As with any vehicle, call emergency assistance immediately if you see sparks, smoke or flames coming from the vehicle. Remain a safe distance from the vehicle and try to stay clear of the smoke.

  1. Exit the vehicle immediately.
  2. Advise emergency assistance that an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle is involved.
  3. As with any vehicle fire, do not inhale smoke, vapors or gas from the vehicle, as they may be hazardous.


  1. Do not store a severely damaged vehicle with a lithium-ion battery inside a structure or within 49 ft (15 m) of any structure or vehicle.
  2. Make sure that passenger and luggage compartments remain ventilated.
  3. Call emergency assistance if you observe leaking fluids, sparks, smoke or flames, or hear gurgling or bubbling from the high-voltage battery.

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