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Ford Escape 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Fuses / Identifying Fuse Types. Fuses – Troubleshooting

Ford Escape: Fuses / Identifying Fuse Types. Fuses – Troubleshooting

Identifying Fuse Types

Ford Escape. Identifying Fuse Types. Fuses – Troubleshooting

  1. Micro 2.
  2. Micro 3.
  3. Maxi.
  4. Mini.
  5. M Case.
  6. J Case.
  7. J Case Low Profile.
  8. Slotted M Case.

Fuses – Troubleshooting

Fuses – Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to check a fuse?

If electrical components in the vehicle are not working.

When do I need to replace a fuse?

If a fuse has blown.

How do I identify a blown fuse?

You can identify a blown fuse by a broken wire within the fuse.

    Body Control Module Fuse Box.




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    Master Access Code

    What Is the Master Access Code

    The master access code is a factory-set five-digit entry code. You can operate the keypad with the master access code at any time. The master access code is on the owner’s wallet card in the glove box and is available from an authorized dealer.

    Displaying the Master Access Code

    To display the factory-set code in the information display:

    Ford Escape. Master Access Code

    Remove the rubber mat. Insert the first programmed key in the backup slot. Press the push button ignition switch once and wait a few seconds. Press the push button ignition switch again and remove the key. Within 10 seconds, place a second programmed intelligent access key in the backup slot and press the push button ignition switch.

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