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Ford Escape 2020-2023 Service Manual / Electrical / Battery and Charging System / Accessory Charging / Description and Operation - Wireless Accessory Charging Module (WACM) - Overview

Ford Escape: Accessory Charging / Description and Operation - Wireless Accessory Charging Module (WACM) - Overview

The WACM is a 5 Watt wireless power transmitter certified under the Wireless Power Consortium's Qi (pronounced “Chee") Standard. The WACM can be used to energize the secondary receiver coil equipped in one Qi compatible device (smart phone, wireless earbuds case, etc.) thereby charging the device wirelessly. A list of Qi compatible devices can be found on the WPCs website:

The WACM is a powered at all time node from fused battery and performs network management on HS-CAN3 . Wireless charging status is provided as a CAN signal on the HS-CAN3 .

The BCM provides a protected switch to battery input to the WACM when an interior passive key search is in progress to disable the wireless charging feature. This is to prevent possible interference with the passive key when placed in close proximity to the WACM during the charge session of a secondary device. A redundant CAN signal is also sent by the BCM in addition to the protected switch to battery input.

    Accessory Charging


    Description and Operation - Wireless Accessory Charging Module (WACM) - System Operation and Component Description

    System Operation System Diagram E344249 *.sttxt { visibility: hidden; } *.stcallout { visibility: visible; } 1 GWM 2 BCM 3 APIM 4 ACM 5 WACM Item Description 1 GWM 2 BCM 3 APIM ..

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