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Ford Escape: Body Repairs - General Information / General Procedures - Inspection And Repair After Collision Without Supplemental Restraint Deployment


  1. If airbags deploy.
    Refer to: Inspection and Repair after a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Deployment (501-20B) .

NOTE: Deployable devices such as airbags, pretensioners and inflatable belt inflators, may deploy alone or in various combinations depending on the impact event.

NOTE: Always refer to the appropriate workshop manual procedures prior to carrying out vehicle repairs affecting the Suppllemental Restraint System SRS  and seatbelt system.

NOTE: The SRS must be fully operational and free of faults before releasing the vehicle to the customer.

  1. Inspect the entire vehicle for damage, including the following components:
    • Instrument panel and mounting points.
    • Instrument panel braces and brackets.
    • Instrument panel knee bolsters and mounting points.
    • Side curtain airbag and mounting points.
    • Seatbelts, seatbelt buckles, seatbelt retractors and seatbelt anchors.
    • Seats and seat mounting points.
    • SRS wiring, wiring harnesses and connectors.
  1. If equipped: Pedestrian protection system, refer to 501-20C
    • Hood hinges.
    • Hood assembly.
    • All pedestrian impact sensors.
    • Both gas strut hood support.
    • Both trim covers over pedestrian protection hood actuators.

NOTE: If any deployable device or combination of devices have deployed refer to “Inspection and Repair after a Supplemental Restraint systems (SRS) Deployment"

  1. After carrying out the review and inspection of the entire vehicle for damage, repair or install new components as needed. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) must be cleared from all required modules after repairs are carried out.

NOTE: Refer to the correct removal and installation procedure for all replacement components being installed.

  1. When any damage to the impact sensor mounting points or mounting hardware has occurred, repair or install new mounting points and mounting hardware as needed. Each mounting point restored to factory configuration requires replacement of the affected impact sensor or RCM whether the airbags have deployed or not.
  1. Inspect the fuel system for damage or leaks. Repair the system and install new components as necessary.
  1. This vehicle is equipped with a fuel pump shut-off feature. During a crash event, it's possible that the fuel pump could be shut off. For additional information, refer to Fuel Pump Shut-off Feature in the Description and Operation portion of the appropriate 310-00 section.

    Description and Operation - Sealer, Underbody Protection Material and Adhesives

    NOTE: The following illustrations are examples of structural adhesive and sealer applications and are not all inclusive. Sealers and Adhesives The correct adhesive bonding and sealing is essential to repairing the vehicle correctly...

    General Procedures - Joining Techniques

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Resistance Spotwelding Equipment Spherical Cutter Grinder Plasma Cutter Air Body Saw 8 mm Drill Bit MIG/MAG Welding Equipment Spot Weld Drill Bit Materials Name Specification Metal Bonding AdhesiveTA-1, TA-1-B, 3M™ 08115, LORD Fusor® 108B, Henkel Teroson EP 5055 -  Seam SealerTA-2-B, 3M™ 0830..

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    Master Access Code

    What Is the Master Access Code

    The master access code is a factory-set five-digit entry code. You can operate the keypad with the master access code at any time. The master access code is on the owner’s wallet card in the glove box and is available from an authorized dealer.

    Displaying the Master Access Code

    To display the factory-set code in the information display:

    Ford Escape. Master Access Code

    Remove the rubber mat. Insert the first programmed key in the backup slot. Press the push button ignition switch once and wait a few seconds. Press the push button ignition switch again and remove the key. Within 10 seconds, place a second programmed intelligent access key in the backup slot and press the push button ignition switch.

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