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Ford Escape: Engine System - General Information / General Procedures - Oil Leak Inspection

NOTE: If an overnight drive is done, the fan air or road air blast can cause erroneous readings.

NOTE: When diagnosing engine oil leaks, the source and location of the leak must be positively identified prior to repair.

  1. Prior to carrying out this procedure, clean the cylinder block, cylinder heads, valve covers, oil pan and flywheel/flexplate with a suitable solvent to remove all traces of oil.

Engine Oil Leaks - Fluorescent Oil Additive Method

NOTE: If the factory fill engine oil with dye is present, change the engine oil and the oil filter prior to using the Dye-Lite® Oil-Based Fluid Dye (164-TP33200601).

  1. Some fluid leaks are acceptable and considered characteristic of the component seal depending on the component, system or fluid it seals. These are called a weep or a seep.
  1. Weep(s): A weep is detected under black light inspection demonstrating a continuous yellow (die color) trace at the gasket joint or seal surface and characterized by no detection of oil under white light inspection. A weep is incidental and not acceptable for fuel, brake or transmission lines. Weeps are acceptable for all other areas.
  1. Seep(s): A seep is considered a more pronounced weep but not enough to result in dripping. When wiped off, the moistness should not reoccur before renewed operation. A seep is oil detected under black light inspection and characterized by oil detection under white light inspection resulting in staining at the sealing and the adjacent flange. A seep is not acceptable for fuel, brake or transmission lines, in visible areas under hood or under vehicle. Seeps are acceptable around engine ventilation components such as PCV components and oil fill caps.
  1. Leak(s): A leak is oil detected under black light inspection and characterized by oil detection under white light inspection resulting in accumulation of oil drops and/or pooling. All leaks are considered unacceptable
  1. Use the UV Long-Wave W/12-foot Cord & Alligator Clips (164-R3748) or Leak Tracker UV-LED Leak Detection Flashlight (164-TP8695) to carry out the following procedure for oil leak diagnosis.
  1. Add 29.6 ml (1 oz) of Dye-Lite® Oil-Based Fluid Dye (164-TP33200601) to a minimum of 0.47L (1/2 qt) and a maximum of 0.95L (1 qt) engine oil. Thoroughly premix the oil based fluid dye or it will not have enough time to reach the crankcase, oil galleries and seal surfaces during this particular 15 minute test. The additive must be added through the oil fill. Check the level on the oil level indicator to determine what amount of oil to premix. If it is in the middle of the crosshatch area or below the full mark, use 0.95L (1 qt). If it is at the full mark, use 0.47L (1/2 qt).
  1. NOTE: For best results allow the customer to drive the vehicle for a day.

    Run the engine for 15 minutes. Stop the engine and inspect all seal and gasket areas for leaks using the UV Leak Detector Kit. A fluoresces white area will identify the leak. For extremely small leaks, several hours may be required for the leak to appear.
  1. At the end of test, make sure the oil level is within the upper and lower oil indicator marks. Remove oil as necessary if it registers above the full mark.

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