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Ford Escape 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Crash and Breakdown Information / Post-Crash Alert System. Automatic Crash Shutoff

Ford Escape: Crash and Breakdown Information / Post-Crash Alert System. Automatic Crash Shutoff

Post-Crash Alert System

What Is the Post-Crash Alert System

The system helps draw attention to your vehicle in the event of a serious impact.

How Does the Post-Crash Alert System Work

The system is designed to turn the hazard flashers on and to intermittently sound the horn in the event of a serious impact that deploys an airbag or the seatbelt pretensioners.

Post-Crash Alert System Limitations

Depending on applicable laws in the country your vehicle was built for, the horn does not sound in the event of a serious impact.

Switching the Post-Crash Alert System Off

Press the hazard flasher switch or the unlock button on the remote control to switch the system off.

Note: The alert turns off when the vehicle battery runs out of charge.

Automatic Crash Shutoff

What Is Automatic Crash Shutoff

The automatic crash shutoff is designed to stop the fuel going to the engine in the event of a moderate or severe crash.

Note: Not every impact causes a shutoff.

Automatic Crash Shutoff Precautions

WARNING: If your vehicle has been involved in a crash, have the fuel system checked. Failure to follow this instruction could result in fire, personal injury or death.

Re-Enabling Your Vehicle

  1. Switch the ignition off.
  2. Attempt to start your vehicle.
  3. Switch the ignition off.
  4. Attempt to start your vehicle.

Note: If your vehicle does not start after the third attempt, have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

    Jump Starting the Vehicle

    Jump Starting Precautions WARNING: Batteries normally produce explosive gases which can cause personal injury. Therefore, do not allow flames, sparks or lighted substances to come near the battery...

    Transporting the Vehicle

    If you need to tow your vehicle, contact a professional towing service or your roadside assistance service provider. Your manufacturer produces a towing manual for all authorized tow truck operators...

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    Push Button Ignition Switch

    Ford Escape. Push Button Ignition Switch

    Switching the Ignition Off

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