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Ford Escape: Navigation (If Equipped) / Setting a Destination

Destination Entry Menu

Ford Escape. Setting a Destination

Setting a Destination Using the Text Entry Screen

Ford Escape. Setting a Destination

  1. Text entry field.
  2. Automatic suggestions based on the text you enter.
  3. Information icon.
  4. Search.
  5. Keyboard settings.

Note: Select one of the suggestions to copy the detail to the text entry field.

You can search by entering all or part of the destination, such as the Address, POI Category or Name, Intersection, City, Latitude/Longitude, etc. Tips: If you do not specify a location, the system will use the current vehicle location. You can specify a location by address, city, state or zip code. For additional search support, please visit:

Note: Press the button in the top right-hand corner of the main map to display estimated time of arrival, remaining travel time or distance to destination.

Setting a Destination Using the Map Screen

Ford Escape. Setting a Destination

  1. Re-center the map.
  2. Selected location.
  3. 3D map rotation. Swipe left or right.
  4. Start route guidance.
  5. Destination name.

Select the location on the map.

Select Start to begin route guidance.

    Navigation (If Equipped)

    Note: For more information, refer to our website. Select the navigation option on the feature bar. Map view menu. Zoom out. Zoom in. Route guidance menu...

    Changing the Format of the Map

    Display the map in one of the following formats: A two-dimensional map with the direction you are traveling toward the top of the screen. A two-dimensional map with north toward the top of the screen...

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    Symbols Glossary

    These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle.

    Ford Escape. Symbols Glossary Air conditioning system

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