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Ford Escape 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Automatic Transmission / Automatic Transmission Positions

Ford Escape: Automatic Transmission / Automatic Transmission Positions

Park (P)

This position locks the driveline and prevents the wheels from turning. The engine can start with the shifter in this position.

The electric parking brake could apply if:

  • You shift to park (P) on a slope.
  • You shift to park (P) without the brake pedal fully pressed.

Note: A warning tone sounds if you open the driver door and you have not shifted the transmission selector to park (P).

Reverse (R)

This position allows your vehicle to move backward. Come to a complete stop before shifting into and out of reverse (R).

Neutral (N)

WARNING: In neutral (N) your vehicle has the ability to roll freely. If you intend to leave your vehicle, make sure you apply the parking brake.

This position allows your vehicle to roll freely. Hold the brake pedal down when in this position.

The engine can start with the shifter in this position.

Drive (D)

This position, drive (D), is the normal driving position, and allows your vehicle to move forward.

Low (L)

This mode is for driving on steep slopes. The transmission will hold low gear for maximum torque driving uphill and maximum engine braking driving downhill. You can enter this mode at any vehicle speed.

Note: Prolonged use of this mode could lower fuel economy. With your vehicle in drive (D), press the L button to enter this mode.

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