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Ford Escape: Brakes

All-Wheel Drive

How Does All-Wheel Drive Work All-wheel drive uses all four wheels to power the vehicle. This increases traction, enabling you to drive over terrain and road conditions that a conventional two-wheel drive vehicle cannot...

Brake Precautions. Anti-Lock Braking System. Brake Over Accelerator

Brake Precautions WARNING: Driving your vehicle with the warning lamp on is dangerous. A significant decrease in braking performance may occur. It may take you longer to stop your vehicle...

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Ford Escape 2020-2023 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Throttle Body

Removal Remove the air cleaner and the air cleaner outlet pipe. Refer to: Air Cleaner (303-12C Intake Air Distribution and Filtering, Removal and Installation). Refer to: Air Cleaner Outlet Pipe (303-12C Intake Air Distribution and Filtering, Removal and Installation)...

Ford Escape 2020-2023 Service Manual: Specifications

  General Specifications Item Specification Ball Joint Deflection Lower 0-0.2 mm (0-0.008 in) Front Ride Height AWD Gas vehicles 3.0 mm (0.118 in) ± 12 mm (0...


Fastening the Seatbelts

Ford Escape. Fastening the Seatbelts

Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle, the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from, until it engages.

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