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Ford Escape: Engine / Description and Operation - Engine - Overview


The 2.5L (153 CID) 4-cylinder engine has the following features:

  • Dual overhead camshafts
  • Four valves per cylinder
  • SFI
  • Composite intake manifold
  • Aluminum cylinder head
  • Aluminum cylinder block
  • Electronic ignition system with coil-on-plug 4 ignition coils

Engine Identification

Always refer to these labels when installation of new parts is necessary or when checking engine calibrations. The engine parts often differ within a CID (cubic inch displacement) family. Verification of the identification codes will make sure the correct parts are obtained. These codes contain all the pertinent information relating to the dates, optional equipment and revisions.

Engine Code Information Label

The engine code information label, located on the front side of the valve cover, contains the following:

Item Description
1 Engine part number
2 Chihuahua engine plant
3 Engine displacement
4 Bar code
5 Running number
6 Engine build date (YYMMDD)
7 Plant shift line
8 Bar code

Engine Cylinder Identification

System Operation

Lubrication System

The engine lubrication system operates as follows:

  • Oil is drawn into the oil pump through the oil pump screen cover and tube in the sump of the oil pan.
  • Oil is pumped through the oil filter on the left front side of the cylinder block.
  • Oil enters the main gallery where it is distributed to the crankshaft main journals and to the cylinder head.
  • From the main journals, the oil is routed through cross-drilled passages in the crankshaft to lubricate the connecting rod bearings. Controlled leakage through the crankshaft main bearings and connecting rod bearings is slung radially outward to cool and lubricate the cylinder walls as well as the entire connecting rod, piston and piston ring assembly.

Valve Train

The valve train uses direct acting mechanical buckets (DAMB). The camshaft lobes are positioned directly above mechanical buckets which are positioned on top of the valves.

Induction System

The iVCT system allows variable control of the intake valve closing which optimizes combustion at full load providing improved power and low speed torque (broadening the torque curve). This also enables variable valve overlap which provides better fuel economy and emissions and provides optimized cold start operation with improved exhaust emissions.


      Engine Item Specification Displacement 2.5L iVCT No. of cylinders 4 Bore/stroke 89...

    Description and Operation - Engine Component View

    Lower Engine Block (View 1) Item Part Number Description 1 60156015 Cylinder block 2 6K3186K318 Crankshaft rear oil seal and retainer 3 6K3906K390 Flywheel 4 75507550 Damper 5 66766676 Oil pan 6 67146714 Oil filter 7 68846884 Oil filter adapter 8 6B8566B856 Oil filter cooler 9 6A6366A636 ..

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