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Ford Escape: Automatic Transmission - Automatic Transmission – HF45 / Description and Operation - Planetary Assembly

Item Part Number Description
1 7L4377L437 Ring gear
2 7A3987A398 Planetary carrier
3 7A3487A348 Sun gear

This transmission has one simple planetary gear set. The planetary gear set is used to match the vehicle speed to the desired engine speed for maximum efficiency.

The ring gear is connected to the transmission final drive though the middle gear on the transfer shaft. The ring gear rotates when the vehicle is moving.

The planetary carrier is splined to the transmission input shaft and is connected to the engine. The carrier rotates with the engine crankshaft. The planetary carrier is also used to drive the hydraulic fluid pump.

The sun gear is splined to the generator/starter.

    Description and Operation - Final Drive

    Item Part Number Description 1 7C0987C098 Traction motor drive gear assembly 2 7H4717H471 Transfer shaft and gear assembly 3 7F4657F465 Differential carrier and gear assembly 4 7L4377L437 Ring gear assembly The final drive gear is meshed with the transfer shaft and bolted to the differential case...

    Description and Operation - Pump Assembly - Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

    Transmission Fluid Pump The transmission fluid pump is an internal pump bolted to the transmission case. The transmission fluid pump is turned by the input shaft and circulates transmission fluid through the transmission for lubrication and through an oil-to-air cooler mounted in the front of the radiator for transmission cooling...

    Other information:

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    Ford Escape. Symbols Glossary Air conditioning system

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