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Ford Escape: Engine / General Procedures - Valve Clearance Adjustment

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment

Feeler Gauge


  1. Refer to: Valve Cover (303-01C Engine, Removal and Installation).
  1. NOTE: Turn the engine clockwise only, and only use the crankshaft bolt.

    NOTE: Before removing the camshafts, measure the clearance of each valve at base circle, with the lobe pointed away from the tappet. Failure to measure all clearances prior to removing the camshafts will necessitate repeated removal and installation and wasted labor time.

    Use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance of each valve and record its location.
    Use the General Equipment: Feeler Gauge
  1. NOTE: The number on the valve tappet only reflects the digits that follow the decimal. For example, a tappet with the number 0.650 has the thickness of 3.650 mm.

    NOTE: The nominal clearance is:

    • intake: 0.25 mm (0.0098 in)
    • exhaust: 0.30 mm (0.0118 in)

    NOTE: The acceptable clearances after being fully installed are:

    • intake: 0.23-0.28 mm (0.009-0.011 in)
    • exhaust: 0.27-0.33 mm (0.010-0.013 in)
    Select the closest tappet size to the ideal tappet thickness available and mark the installation location.
  1. NOTE: Select tappets using this formula: tappet thickness = measured clearance + the existing tappet thickness - nominal clearance.

    If any tappets do not measure within specifications, install new tappets in these locations.

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