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Ford Escape: Roof Opening Panel / Removal and Installation - Air Deflector


  1. Place the roof opening panel glass in the fully OPEN position.

  1. Disconnect the air deflector wire.
    1. Push metal rod down to unclip rod from plastic clips.
    1. Pull the air deflector rod out and slightly upward and detach the from the clips.
  1. Pull the air deflector metal rod slightly upward and detach both the wire ends.

  1. Roll the front of the air deflector rearward 90 degrees and remove the air deflector.
    • Unclip end cap by rolling the air deflector arm around 90 degree from pivot point.


  1. Mount and install the air deflector onto the frame.
  1. Make sure the spring is seated correctly inside the guide rail.
  1. Attach all the 6 clips firmly with the air deflector rod.
  1. Place the air deflector rod in to hole of plastic part on both sides.
  1. Make sure that the spring is inside the sliding area from the end cap.
  1. NOTE: On both sides.

    Make sure that the Y-Gap between the guide and the end cap should be ~ 4 mm.
  1. Place the roof opening panel glass in the fully CLOSE position.
  1. Carry out the roof opening panel initialization.
    Refer to: Power Roof Opening Panel Initialization (501-17 Roof Opening Panel, General Procedures).

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