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Ford Escape: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Information / Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Information

What Is a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor and rechargeable high voltage battery allowing you to use only electricity to power your vehicle.

How Does a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Work

Charging your vehicle adds electrical energy that propels the vehicle. Regularly plug in your vehicle to get optimal electric-only range capability from the high voltage battery. The system maximizes the use of electric-only operation in normal drive mode whenever possible. System conditions could require the engine to operate when necessary.

When the electric-only range reaches zero, the powertrain system switches to hybrid operation. This means that you have depleted the energy you gained from plugging in and charging your vehicle. Both the gasoline engine and electric motor power your vehicle and maximize fuel economy during hybrid operation. You receive some electric-only driving with hybrid operation as the powertrain system maintains the high voltage battery charge within functional limits.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Driving Characteristics

The gasoline engine starts and stops to provide power when required and to save fuel when not needed. Restarting your vehicle is not required. Simply step on the accelerator when you are ready to drive. When coasting at low speeds, coming to a stop or standing, the gas engine normally shuts down and your vehicle operates in electric-only mode.

Conditions that may cause the gasoline engine to start or remain running include:

  • Considerable vehicle acceleration.
  • Driving uphill.
  • The high voltage battery charge level is low.
  • Heating or cooling the vehicle interior in high or low outside temperatures.
  • The gasoline engine is below normal operating temperature.
  • Towing a trailer.
  • Certain drive modes could cause the engine to run.

Note: Having your engine running is not always an indication of inefficiency. In some cases, it is actually more efficient than driving in electric mode.

Your plug-in hybrid electric vehicle has several EV drive modes to enhance your driving experience.

Your hybrid vehicle also comes with standard hydraulic braking and regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is performed by your transmission and captures brake energy and stores it in the high voltage battery.

You could also notice that your engine continues to run instead of shutting off during extended downhill driving. The engine stays on during this engine braking but is not using any fuel.

You could also hear a slight whine or whistle when operating your vehicle. This is the normal operation of the electric motor in the hybrid system.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Indicators

Ford Escape. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Information When you start your vehicle, a green ready indicator light appears in the instrument cluster letting you know that your vehicle is ready for driving.

The engine may not start because your vehicle has a silent key start feature. This fuel saving feature allows your vehicle to be ready to drive without requiring the gas engine to be running.

The indicator remains on when your vehicle is on, whether the engine is running or not, to indicate your vehicle is capable of movement using the electric motor, gas engine or both.

Typically, the engine does not start unless the vehicle is cold, a climate control change is requested or you press the accelerator pedal.

What Is Low Engine Use Mode

Low engine use mode maintains proper engine lubrication at sufficient temperature and activates when you drive your vehicle with limited engine operation.

How Does Low Engine Use Mode Work

When in low engine use mode, your vehicle runs the engine as necessary. When low engine use mode begins, a message appears in the information display. If low engine use mode does not complete before you switch your vehicle off, it continues the next time you start your vehicle and the message reappears.

Note: EV now mode is not available when in low engine use mode.

Note: Cold temperatures affect the engine warm up time and the low engine use mode may operate more frequently.

Note: An oil change is not required but gives you the option of not running a low engine use cycle. Resetting the oil life monitoring system suspends the low engine use mode.

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