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Ford Escape: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Information / Hybrid Electric Vehicle Indicators

Ford Escape. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Indicators When you start your vehicle, a green READY indicator light appears in the instrument cluster letting you know that your vehicle is ready for driving.

The engine may not start because your vehicle has a silent key start feature. This fuel saving feature allows your vehicle to be ready to drive without requiring the gas engine to be running.

The indicator remains on when your vehicle is on, whether the engine is running or not, to indicate your vehicle is capable of movement using the electric motor, gas engine or both.

Typically, the engine does not start unless the vehicle is cold, a climate control change is requested or you press the accelerator pedal.

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    Vehicle Identification

    Locating the Vehicle Identification Number

    The vehicle identification number is on the left-hand side of the instrument panel.

    Ford Escape. Vehicle Identification

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