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Ford Escape: Navigation (If Equipped) / Route Guidance

Ford Escape. Route Guidance

  1. Turn indicator. Select to hear the last voice prompt.
  2. Point of interest.
  3. Estimated time of arrival, distance to destination or time to destination.
  4. Current road.
  5. Mute guidance prompts.
  6. Cancel route guidance.

Note: To change guidance prompt volume, turn the volume control when a guidance prompt plays.

Route Guidance Menu

Ford Escape. Route Guidance

Ford Escape. Route Guidance

Adjusting the Guidance Prompt Volume

Turn the volume control when a guidance prompt plays to adjust the volume.

Note: If you have inadvertently adjusted the volume to zero, press the turn indicator button to play the last voice prompt and then adjust the volume to the desired level.

Muting Guidance Prompts

Ford Escape. Route Guidance Select the mute option on the screen to mute guidance prompts.

Note: The system mutes the next and all future guidance prompts.

Adding Waypoints

You can add a waypoint to a navigation route as a destination along your route. You can add up to five waypoints.

  1. Select the search option on the map.
  2. Set a destination.
  3. Select Add Waypoint.
  4. Select Go.

Canceling Route Guidance

Ford Escape. Route Guidance Select the route guidance menu option on the active guidance screen.

Select Cancel Route.

Ford Escape. Route Guidance

Note: The route guidance menu option is always in the bottom right-hand corner of the main map.

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